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Yiwu haojian textile co. LTD
The shop is a professional engaged in production and sales of proprietary, specializing in the production of high, medium, low, leather and imitation leather strap. Customers can sample custom. Product variety. Welcome to visit our shop to order.
Junjun dress engaged in all kinds of Japanese and Korean, European and American ladies, parents are welcome to purchase
Fengsen daily necessities Co., LTD. Main mop, mop, cotton yarn mop, microfiber mop, cleaning supplies, rags, mop head, cleaning ball, dishcloth, car cleaning cloth, flat mop, magic mop, twist water mop, non-woven mop and other kinds of cleaning supplies. Manufacturer direct sale, quantity is big price is excellent, can come sample custom, domestic sale foreign trade all can manage. The storefront address is located in the international trade City four area B1 83 door 2 floor 2 street 35644. Welcome buyers into the shop to purchase.
Our shop specializes in foreign trade, the main t-shirt, coat, welcomes new and old customers from all over.
Mainly specialized in wiper blades and auto parts production, from development to production and sales of integrated, with scientific and standardized management and modern advanced technology. "RIYUE day" is a registered trademark, which produces auto wipers and auto parts operation, durability and noise reduction capabilities are unparalleled product. Gain market favor for its wide variety, high quality, excellent products and superior service quality, win the trust of customers, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Yiwu the establishment direct window on international trade and domestic direct window. International direct sales offices: international trade City District 4/f gate 9, 107th Street, booth No: 68728/68727/68726. Fax: 086 579-81068280 QQ:1817131751. Domestic direct sales: Changchun 3-16, 2-1-2-3 shop tel/fax: 086 579-85594281 QQ:2546209201. Welcome all... More
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Jinshuo lighting was founded in 2007, is a professional lighting company specializing in the production and sale of one of the. Yiwu exhibition hall area of 1500 square, the main business of new Chinese style, European style, American style, modern style of high-end lamps. Products exquisite workmanship, first-class quality, fashionable, professional sales and after-sales team for you to create professional lighting program.