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Thanks you can into I of shop! I himself has a purposes is buy any things or consumption only find professional of, because only professional of businesses to do he of features, for you provides professional of service, so I also wants to put this recommends with to each a a guest, select professional, select quality of intimate service, "mining honey square" practitioners clothing sales years, industry knowledge rich, follow fashion frontier, by sold clothes are is to familiar of clothing company directly took goods, carefully selected of style, other shop certainly no of, so find " Honey square "Yes!!! I hope we can be friends!
Designer men's wear direct factory outlet casual jackets, men's suits, shirts, t-shirts, casual jeans wholesale cheap private factories, production and sales
(crown Tzipi plastic) Jie Wang leather was founded in 2009, the company headquarters established in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Jie Wang look at the integrity management, service, in the industry has been widely recognized. Over the past few years the company attention production and operation of a variety of PU, PVC, embossed leatherette, suitable for belts, bags, clothing, papers, trademark, ball games, sofa, toys, shoes, Arts & Crafts and decoration. Pattern leading unique, wide variety, and with the customer's prenatal development! Conventional goods have a large number of spot wholesale! Welcome to inquiry, free access to our company all kinds of leather samples, color cards and the latest offer information! 0579-85332337, 18006553477
The shop is located in the 85 phase of the four area of the International Trade City five South Gate two, three street 50830~50831 store. Specializing in the production of knitted wool scarf, scarf, shawl, scarf and other products. The credibility oriented, excellent workmanship, style diversity is known. Welcome new and old customers come to order!
Tang Hui knitting factory, Yiwu is Footless, one pants, pedal pushers and warm pants, double-layer pants, pantyhose, stockings, specializing in the production and processing company, has a complete and scientific quality control system. Tang Hui knitting factory, Yiwu's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcomes all friends to visit and guide and negotiate business. Focus on cats, Alibaba, Taobao, days supply entities, supply stability, has its own factories, OEM. Products in the shop for its own plant design and production, based on the quality of survival, reputation and development of philosophy, focusing on the development and production of high end Footless. Variety, reasonable prices, excellent quality, to provide quality services. Companies have three major brands, spring romance Lisa, NGA, Bai Fu, in the Yiwu trade city has its own entity wholesale stores, so please rest assured purchase, sincerely welcome new and old customers call advisory letters and orders
Super haojia spinning, the store is located in the Yiwu international trade city, known for its five areas at home and abroad, over the years has been committed to the international trade market development, the resulting products are fashionable, high quality, won the guests loved it. We produce products for foreign trade, the domestic wholesale and doubles as an online retailer. Welcome all friends to visit our shop! Blankets, opt for gorgeous! Super haojia spinning welcomes new and old customers coming, our aim is to do everything in our power to do their product quality, guests make money our money-making ideas! By the old guest always praise!!
Yiwu Peng ran lighting firm founded in September 2009, the old address of Yiwu Huang Yang Mei Road No. 46 in the lighting market. In November 2013 moved to Yiwu international production data market 4, 3 District, 5 Street, No. 30348. This shop specializes in commercial lighting, its agent brand Philips Lighting, Tianzheng wall switch, Linsen lighting, Huilong commercial lighting.
Factory direct sales, the main products: high tenacity polyester thread, nylon thread, polyester bonded thread, nylon bonded thread, sewing thread, embroidery thread, cotton thread and other various thread. Self export, and also to maintain cooperation with domestic Large trading companies.
Restaurant is located in Yiwu international trade city five, the second floor North connector stall 2002, the main variety of Chinese knots, Velvet knot, sealing, knots, gold pendant. factory direct, quality is guaranteed.